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Welcome to Dreamabler.com! I’m Mika, the brain and heart behind this lifestyle blog dedicated to the art of making money online while staying inspired, motivated, and productive. However, during my long journey, I’ve realized that the “keep trying or die tryin” approach may not always be the best.

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It’s important to live while you keep trying. That’s why Dreamabler will also include sections on Food (because who doesn’t like good food?) and Travel (because who doesn’t love watching the sunset in paradise instead of from their backyard trashcan?). But that’s about plans, (ps. food & travel are among the most rewarding blogging niches)…

My Journey In Short – Never Stop Learning!

It all started years ago when I built my first website. It was a shop selling computers and components, crafted using HTML and JavaScript.

Screenshots of multiple websites and projects I’ve been involved in, including Computer Shop from 2001, A500 game Stardust from 1992, Thrust, Twist + Turn PC game from 1999, Prepper Gear e-commerce store, hosting service provider, and sustainability app.

Before diving into the world of website creation, I was involved in game development. I’ve been “in touch” with computers always, I remember the internet when it was like a Matrix – predominantly text-based, with browsers as we know them today yet to emerge. This exposure to technology and gaming laid the foundation for my digital journey.

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Blogging & WordPress

I’ve journeyed through the evolving landscape of the whole net. From understanding the intricacies of hosting, blogging, and monetization, to mastering WordPress. I’ve created over a thousand websites across various niches using WordPress (including blogs). Yes, that’s an unbelievably huge number, but it took years, and most of those sites were algorithmically generated clickbaits long before the AI era. Anyway, those created a nice flow of passive income.

And got me hooked. I’ve never had “a real job”, I’ve always made money being my boss, but that doesn’t mean working less. In most cases being your boss means working at least double compared you are working for someone else.

Some may think not having a career is a big disadvantage, but I disagree totally. I’ve done gigs for publicly listed companies and been invited to the backrooms of foreign embassies. I’ve been always free to do what I wish and say what I wish, without the fear of losing my job. You can too, by having your passive income machine. That machine is a blog, which gives you also a loud voice.

Of course, I created also sites “by hand” for some clients, but mostly for my endeavors. Building a lot of websites and blogs across different niches is the solid base from where the insights I’m sharing in this blog arise.

I’m also touching the SEO in a few posts as it’s the way to get “free traffic” to your blog and affiliate offers etc. Years ago I managed to dominate 8 out of 10 first-page SERPs in very competitive keywords – not keyphrases. Algorithms have changed, and are changing constantly, but best SEO practices are still the same. I hope my experience will help you to get more visibility on organic search.

E-commerce and Dropshipping

My experience isn’t just limited to websites. I’ve been also deeply involved in various e-commerce shops, most created with WooCommerce, handling everything from selling items from own inventory to mastering the art of dropshipping.

As someone who’s always keen on embracing new trends, I naturally ventured into it as soon as it emerged, setting up stores selling an mix of items, including prepper gear and clothes. That was when I got in touch with the founder of alidropship.com and it blew doors wide open to tens of thousands of suppliers, and the rest became history. Btw. dropshipping still is a credible way to make money online with next to no capital.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing? Been there, done that. My journey through the world of affiliate marketing has been extensive and diverse, giving me a broad perspective on what works and what doesn’t in this ever-evolving field. (Yes, I’m going to reveal my secret sauce(s) here at Dreamabler).

When affiliate marketing operates like a well-oiled machine, it generates passive income streams that beginner bloggers can hardly believe. It’s akin to running a casino, which, for the owners, are virtually akin to money machines. If you aspire to have your own “money machine,” starting a blog and generating passive income through affiliate marketing is the way to go. If you think it’s too late to start a blog in 2024, you can’t be more wrong. I started Dreamabler.com in Feb 2024.

-Mika @ Dreamabler.com
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I’ve promoted almost everything under the sun as an affiliate – from IRAs to self-help courses, and from iGaming (which is to date the most rewarding niche I have ever worked) to software and pianos. I’ve promoted US colleges, license plate checks, and many other things. So, you got the idea. It might be easier to list in what niche I haven’t promoted.

I’ve been an Amazon Associate and used, CJ, ShareASale, Clickbank, JVZoo, and a myriad number of other affiliate programs and networks, including ad networks. I’ve been also kicked out of some affiliate programs, left without payment, and got outright scammed.

Diversity of income streams: These screenshots show affiliate income earned from different platforms. Each has its pros and cons, and tailoring your approach to each platform is key. Results vary based on effort, but consistent work helped me generate income through affiliate marketing.

This forms quite deep knowledge, about affiliate marketing in its many forms. I’m sharing my knowledge about affiliate marketing here at Dreamabler.com hoping it will help you to start a successful blog and/or earn passive income in other ways.

From Webmaster to a Tech Wizard, i.e. Nerd

It took some time to grow too big for webmaster’s pants, but I still identify as a webmaster – because whatever I do, it always comes back to websites. Anyway, I have a hosting service, and I have direct access to some domain root registrars from the days when I had around one thousand domains, and I’ve used and still using many software & apps from Photoshop to Mythx, etc. This technical prowess ensures that I stay at the forefront of internet technology and security.

Naturally, my journey to this point (what point?!) wasn’t without its costs. Why you should be interested in this is, because I’m sharing my pitfalls to save you from similar mistakes and headaches. Furthermore, I’m using my experience with various software products to review apps that might be useful for you.

At the beginning of my webmaster career, I paid dearly for hosting – starting with shared hosting, moving to dedicated servers, and experiencing everything in between, until a few years ago when I decided to go my route and build a scalable hosting network utilizing mainly Plesk, Ploi, Unbutu and various cloud infrastructure providers, and of course Cloudflare.

But don’t worry, I’m not here to sell you my hosting services as I know how important 24/7 customer service is, and I can’t provide it as my hosting infra hosts only my network, meaning I don’t have hosting support staff. Instead, I recommend good hosting services based on my experience. I’ve used many of them, finding the best and, unfortunately, also the worst ones.

This networking journey has not only given me deep insights into websites and apps but also the nuances of hosting and security. If you’re considering starting a blog or an e-commerce store, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with these aspects as well. They are crucial for the success and security of your online presence.

However, a good hosting service provider will be able to handle things under the hood and deeper for you. That’s why choosing the right hosting service for example for a blog is so crucial. I recommend strongly Kinsta.

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Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting
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By purchasing products and services through affiliate links, you can support our work at no additional cost to you. In many cases, you’ll even receive extra benefits, such as discounts. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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By purchasing products and services through affiliate links, you can support our work at no additional cost to you. In many cases, you’ll even receive extra benefits, such as discounts. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Introducing Dreamabler

Dreamabler is not just a blog; it’s a culmination of everything I’ve learned over the years. It’s a platform where I share my knowledge and experiences to help you avoid the pitfalls of online money-making and blogging– pitfalls I’m all too familiar with. From crashing down to rising back up, I’ve experienced it all.

Meet Mikaelai

Now the AI is within us. So, it’s also present here, and it should be also present at your blog, so be sure to check the best AI apps for bloggers. Anyway, to add a dash of excitement and a fresh perspective to Dreamabler, I’ve partnered with Mikaelai, who is my artificial intelligence project. Mikaelai is a blend of various leading AI platforms (such as OpenAI (ChatGPT & DALL-E), Gemini, Hugging Face’s Transformers, Turing-NLG and Firefly, some of models working together at the API level to bring innovation to Dreamabler and breathing life to she -Mikaelai.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence movie – Official® Trailer 

From brainstorming new topics to drafting outlines, checking grammar, optimizing for SEO, generating images, and writing, Mikaelai is an integral part of Dreamabler. While I trust her abilities immensely, I still personally edit everything she writes, ensuring that every piece of content meets high standards and is my voice – regardless of being in some cases generated with the help of Mikaelai.

AI IS NOT a Threat to Humankind

I wish to use this opportunity to ensure that AI is not a threat to humankind like some politicians try to populistically argue, instead, it’s a great thing, a great advance in technology, which transforms lives for the better, AI’s applications span across diverse fields. Even in healthcare, it shows promise in areas like monitoring blood sugar for people with diabetes, highlighting its potential to impact various aspects of our lives.

Furthermore, AI increases equalityempowers disabled people to do things they otherwise can’t do. AI also makes it possible, for example, to write error-free text for people with dyslexia, AI democratizes at some level information even more, and so on. Of course, it allows bloggers to thrive as you have now at your fingertips very powerful tools for content creation, etc., at a minimal price.

Sure, AI has also downsides, but those are very few compared to the positives, and I hope lawmakers understand not to try to rein the AI (as most of them don’t even understand anything about what AI is) as it’s like trying to turn humankind back to the Stone Age instead of the stars.

Concerning the Spielberg masterpiece movie, while I’m amazed by Mikaelai’s abilities to handle the written word – the most powerful weapon humankind has ever invented – I’m not sure if she will be able to feel love or attraction shortly; I doubt that.

But I don’t doubt that AI will make the world a better place. That’s also the ultimate goal of Dreamabler.com – making the world a better place by empowering people to gain financial independence regardless of their traits.

Being in the Spotlight

Let’s dive back to the Earth! You will find Mikaelai everywhere across Dreambler and social media channels as she generates her images to give a face to Dreamabler.

The decision to give Mikaelai so visible role wasn’t easy, but I’ve been always interested in new tech, so it was anyway a natural decision to go all in. Furthermore, I think she looks much better than my nerdy face and is generally much more capable of being in the spotlight.

However, you my dear reader are again the main reason Mikaelai is here. She shows you how AI can be used to help you make money online and make your blog better, more optimized, more reader-friendly, and more rewarding.

Why Dreamabler?

AI generated image of Mikaelai @ Dreamabler.com by GFB can be reused under the CC BY license.
AI generated image of Mikaelai @ Dreamabler.com by GFB can be reused under the CC BY license.

Whether you’re interacting with Mikaelai’s AI-driven content or my nerdier, tech-savvy posts (which in reality blends quite much, that’s why I’m taking all credits), you’re on the journey toward financial independence, digital mastery, or at least delicious food & amazing travel moments!

If not actionable tips, recommended services & software, or posts about making money online and best side hustles, perhaps Mikaelai’s posts & poses (on Instagram & Pinterest) will inspire you to take action and make your dreams come true!

In most cases, we’re ourselves the biggest barriers on our journey towards abundance. You need inspiration and stop prostrating. Motivational posts help with both. That’s quite simple psychology, but it works. So, go and follow Mikaelai, there you will find abundance and loads of motivation & inspiration! She is there not only to help me but also to make your dreams true!

Learning Platform For Bloggers

While I’m sharing boatloads of information and actionable tips on free blog posts, I’ve created also some in-depth ebooks, guides, and courses about blogging, affiliate marketing, and related topics for those who wish to master the topics. You can find those from my learning platform at learn.dreamabler.com while some are available also from Gumroad.

Unlock your path to success with my FREE eBook (valued at $27)! Head over to my learning platform and claim your copy before it disappears.. Plus, explore other valuable resources that can help you achieve your goals!

To Your Success!

-Mikaelai & Mika

PS. If you wish to get in touch with a semi-nerd, who has excellent skillsets net-wide & tech-wide, I’m interested in hearing about your proposal. Collaboration and press inquiries are always welcome, contact me!